Care Tips

Your watch is not only an accessory, its a lifelong investment. With care and servicing, your Mountré watch will last a lifetime and beyond. Help preserve its longevity by following our care suggestions below.

How to use:

  • Do not apply any cosmetics or perfumes directly onto the case, leather strap or metal bracelet.
  • Check that the crown is fully pushed in or screwed down against the case in order to prevent any infiltration from water and dust. To protect your leather strap from deformation or discoloration, avoid contact with water.


  • To preserve the attractive appearance of the watch, clean the case in slightly soapy water, then rinse in clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • To clean your leather strap, first rinse it under clean water then rub it with a soft brush. Wipe with a soft cloth and leave it to dry. Keep the cleaned leather away from any source of heat.

Strap care:

  • To keep your leather strap in a good condition we recommend you to remove your watch for daily showering or swimming.
  • If you have a very active lifestyle, particularly involving frequent exposure to salt water and heavy perspiration, we recommend a mesh strap instead (Available in our Shop > Straps).
  • The color and suppleness of leather straps are subject to change with time and exposure to external elements.

Water-resistance chart:

Check the water resistance information on the case back of your Mountré watch and refer to the water-resistance table below.

5 ATM  (50 Meters – Water Protected) – Suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water.

10 ATM  (100 Meters – Waterproof) – Suitable for swimming or snorkeling

20 ATM  (200 Meters – Waterproof) – Suitable for scuba diving

50 ATM > (500 Meters – Waterproof) – Suitable for serious deep water diving